Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Be Bono-fide

Thank you Ms. Paparazzi on that delightful expose of my Bono-fide Icee-drinking fun night out with friends.

We really did have fun seeing U2 3D. I'm frankly not crazy about their music (I'm more of a funk R & B man), but their message makes a U2 concert (and now a movie) one of a kind. While most rock bands sing about -- well, you know, crap -- this is a band with a subtle Kingdom message. It seems to me that the unprecedented crowd investment is mostly due to the lyrics and the spiritual meaning behind them. The crowd was caught up in a message.

Which leads me to this reflection. It seems to me that the One Campaign, which includes Product (RED), is one of the most beautiful and powerful Kingdom movements being carried out right now. In response to the massive AIDS epidemic in Africa, Bono asked the question: "What can I do?" Bono used his celebrity status (a status he admits is silly) with the help of others to launch this campaign with the hope that profits would generate money to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria.

And it's just like God to use a believer (Bono confesses Christ as Lord) who is very much on the "fringe" of the Church to illustrate what the Church should be doing. Our job is to manifest God's love by using our God-given time, talent and resources to serve the world. See a need and meet it with your gifts.

I'm also tempted to say that Bono's music, with its sometimes-profound message, is "anointed." Of course, we weren't in worship of Bono in those pictures Ms. Fancy Pants Paparazzi took...we were simply a part of the 3D experience and being silly with it.

But, I do know God is using U2 and their gifts. Let their example challenge us to do the same.