Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is my friend Jen. She's one of the kindest, humblest and smartest people you could ever meet.

She's also a blast to party with!

I first met Jen 11 years ago when she was a student at Bethel University. She was my Teaching Assistant for two years and has remained a close friend of mine and my small group ever since. Regular visitors of this blog may recall that Jen is a University of Minnesota and Harvard trained medical doctor who has been serving folks in Haiti the last nine months. She's also the wonder-woman who stitched up my ripped-apart toe when our small group was vacationing in Mexico. (For gross photos, check out the post on February 24 -- I'd provide a LINK, but I'm techno-challenged and thus don't know how. In fact, I had to get Julie Ross to get Jen's picture on this post because I don't know how. Thank you Julie!)

What readers probably don't know is that, among her many gifts, Jen is a master word-smith. She graciously edits all my posts (except this one, which is meant to be a surprise -- which is why there's no LINK to the post with the gross toe). On top of this, Jen has just finished editing my forthcoming book Revolting Beauty and is now in the process of editing all the material on the new CVM website that will be launched in a month or so. (The new site has hundreds of pages of writings on various theological issues). She's done all this while serving people down in Haiti!

And now you know why I refer to her as a "wonder-woman."

Today is Jen's 30th birthday. So I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly say:

Happy Birthday Jen!!!

you are a gift to me
and to everyone who knows you.
Thank you
for all you do
but even more
for who you are.

You're a truly beautiful human being!